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Ready Set Bet, Big Dog and Little Cat race to get cheese pizza written and illustrated by Erica C. Jones.

Welcome to the fun and an exciting world of Ready Set Bet. Big Dog and little Cat Race to the Cheese Pizza.

Come along with them as they explore the world of problem solving as well as fun and healthy competition.


Children will be amazed as they learn how to problem solve using different tools and techniques to achieve their goals.


Introducing children`s mind to critical thinking skills as well as healthy competition sets the path for them to become more capable of problem solving in more ways than one.


Ready Set Bet is a fun and exciting way to learn those important skills as they encounter different obstacles.


Follow along with Big Dog and Little Cat on their journey as they discover that healthy competition can be fun and exciting as they make new friends along the way.

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Package Bundle Also Available

Package Bundle includes crayons, pencil. bubble wand ring, stickers, "star reader wristband as well as a coloring and activity book.

Pick up your color pencil and jump inside ! READY SET BET a fun and exciting coloring book full of activities to discover. Join Big Dog and Little Cat on their big Adventure. 


Meet The Author

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Erica Jones was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up she was fascinated with art, and this interest led to some early exposure to cartoon shows, as result she was drawn to cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Garfield as well as some other shows that included animal characters. She has had a passion for visual art since the very first time she picked up a pencil.


Later, Mrs. Jones went on to attend college and graduated Summa cum laude with degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in interactive multimedia. Also, she was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honors society.


Some of her hobbies include spending quality time laughing with her two wonderful boys as well as hanging out with her three dogs Stormi, China, and Pink. She also enjoys creating cartoon characters and she is absolutely obsessed with watching one of her favorite cartoons SpongeBob SquarePants. She absolutely loves bright vibrant colors, which lead her to develop a passion for acrylic painting which gives her the opportunity to experiment with color mixing.


READY, SET, BET is her first published children’s book filled with beautiful colors and cute characters that will surely take you on a big adventure.

Also, she has an absolute love for children and being a part of their learning process which she believes is particularly important especially during the early stage’s life.



To the brave men of the Memphis Fire department for your support with assisting me in giving the gift of reading."


I Am Available For: 

  • Book readings for schools

  • Daycares

  • Church

  • Summer reading programs

  • Birthday parties e.t.c

Pricing will be determined depending on how large the crowd is. All Students will receive star student packet for free to take home


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